Looking Good...Feeling Great

All dogs need grooming regardless of coat type, whether it is long or short, single or double, wiry or wooly.


The benefits of regular professional grooming extend well beyond improving their visible look and health, but it’s also a known scientific process that it can improve your bond with your dog.  As such, it's important that they get used to the process as puppies. The younger they are when they're groomed for the first time, the more chance you've got of them staying still for their groom.


Regular professional grooming helps your dog get rid of the irritating shedding coat, opens up their hair follicles, keeps their skin and coat in top condition, and it also helps them cope in changing seasons—especially long haired breeds. After all, who wants to face the summer in a thick fur coat?


It also enables us to take a closer look for any parasites or abnormalities that may be present, such as any lumps and bumps which may affect your dog’s overall health. If we identify anything, we will be sure to quickly let you know, as it may be important that you take your dog to the vet to get it checked over.


The motion of grooming can be a very soothing action for a dog, if they trust the person doing it. Almost all dogs enjoy it because they love the attention and it'll keep them looking good, feeling happy and, most importantly, keep them healthy.


 Your Dog Spa offers three bathing methods to suit every stage of your dog’s life:


  • For puppy introductions, nervous or tiny breeds, we have a gentle hand-wash bath and rinse.


  • For the ultimate in superior bathing techniques, we use the incomparable HydroBath Excel Pro which produces a high volume flow of water mixed with the advanced cosmetic cleansing solution suitable for your pet's coat and skin type to effectively clean and penetrate even the dirtiest and thickest of coats, with a powerful yet soothing massage affect!


  • And when standing or lifting, your pet becomes difficult or uncomfortable, perhaps at the later stages of life, we offer a walk on ramp to enable your dog to walk into the hydro bath and they can have a lay down shower to gently clean your pet without stress.


All methods of bathing are suitable to use with any of our ReQual® Advanced Cosmetic Treatment and Hygiene Solutions, or your own vet prescribed shampoo treatment. 


The Complete Your Dog Spa Treatment includes:

  • Basic health check 
  • Nails clipped 
  • Ears & Eyes cleaned 
  • Anal glands checked*
  • Two thorough washes and rinse 
  • Coat specific conditioning shampoo and rinse
  • Completely dried and thorough brush through 
  • Trim and styling according to breed standard coat type or customer need
  • All grooms are completed with an aromatherapy cologne spritz, leaving your dog smelling great!!


An intermediate groom treatment is also available for breeds that do not require clipping and scissoring—ideal for those occasions where a “Wash and Spruce” is required.


The Intermediate Groom Treatment includes:

  • Basic health check
  • Nails will be clipped 
  • Ears & eyes cleaned 
  • Anal glands checked*
  • Two thorough washes and rinse
  • Coat specific conditioning shampoo and rinse 
  • Completely dried and thorough brush through 
  • All grooms are completed with an aromatherapy spritz, leaving your dog smelling great!!


*Anal glands are checked for healthy appearance only. It is the responsibility of your Veterinarian / Vet Nurse to express anal glands to ensure proper function and health.


Puppy Introduction Spa Treatment

A puppy’s first pet grooming session is a most momentous occasion and it’s important to ensure that this experience is as positive as possible. The main objective of the Puppy Introduction is to familarise them with the surroundings, sights and smells whilst receiving a “lite” spa treatment, which includes: 

  • Basic health check
  • Nails will be tipped
  • Ears & eyes cleaned
  • Two thorough washes and rinse 
  • Coat specific conditioning shampoo and rinse
  • Complelty dried and thorough brush through
  • All grooms are completed with an aromatherapy cologne spritz, leaving your dog smelling great! 


Your Dog Spa strongly recommend that you give your dog a long walk and adequate exercise before you arrive for your grooming appointment, especially if their energy is high or they are the nervous type. Please try to ensure that your dog has toileted prior to arrival, this will help your pet feel calm and relaxed.


Prior to making your first appointment for grooming, we will arrange a free consultation appointment to meet us so you can see our first class Spa facility for yourself, and also to discuss and assess your dog’s coat condition, health, temperament and if you have any particular grooming requirements.


This information will be recorded and stored safely. It will be referred to each time your dog visits us. A health check and coat assessment will be carried out prior to each grooming session and your customer record will be updated accordingly. Whilst it is NOT preferred, it is optional for the owner / carer to be present during the health check.


Please note: If your dog’s coat is severely matted (dead undercoat clumped together) that grooming out would cause the dog distress and discomfort, removal of the coat with clippers or scissors may be necessary.  


State-of-the-Art Bathing K-9 HydroExcel Bath 

We use the latest K9 HydroExcel Hydro Bath that offers a hydro-combing action that not only thoroughly washes the dog, but also massages and stimulates the skin, which in itself gives therapeutic benefits. These benefits include relief to tired muscles, improved blood circulation, which has   been found to be beneficial to dogs suffering with arthritis.


The water penetrates the dogs coat removing dirt and debris together with dry and dead skin - leaving it clean.


As the HydroExcel Hydro Bath uses less water, it is also kind to the environment.


Every Spa treatment includes two thorough washes / rinses and one conditioning shampoo using appropriately selected and coat specific  ReQual® Advanced Cosmetic Treatment.

ReQual® Shampoos, Conditioners and Spa Products

Cosmetics Technology for Pets – for Strength and Nourishment


Your Dog Spa is proud to use ReQual® Shampoos, Conditioners and Spa Products


ReQual® has specialised in cosmetics for animals for more than 40 years, making their product range a reference point for the production of cosmetics for animals throughout Europe and the UK.


ReQual® is manufactured under laboratory conditions by skilled and qualified personnel constantly looking for original products that meet new market needs to safeguard the health of the animal and those using the products. The same rigorous system applied to the manufacturing of human cosmetics is applied to the production of all ReQual® Cosmetics for Dogs, which are considered by top grooming professional to be among the finest in the world. 


ReQual® is a registered trade mark of KOMIS srl.

Guideline Breed Prices and Terms and Condtions of Service

Prices will be determined taking all factors into consideration, including the condition of the coat and the temperament and behaviour of your dog.


Your pet is groomed in compliance with our animal care Spa policy and in accordance with the physical and psychological needs of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.


In the majority of cases, a well cared for pet, whose coat is fully maintained between grooming appointments, the cost is usually the price shown; however, all dogs are assessed on an individual basis.


Please click here for prices relating to specific breeds.



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