Animal Welfare Laws—It's Everyone's Duty to Care

As a professional and responsible business operating within the pet industry, it’s really important to share information and promote the 5 Animal Welfare Needs.


Created in the UK in 2006, the Animal Welfare Act states that it is not only against the law to be cruel to an animal, but you must ensure that your animal's health and welfare needs are met, which enforces owners to take responsibility and be directly accountable for their animal’s wellbeing.


Anyone who is found to be cruel to an animal, or does not provide for its welfare needs, may be banned from owning animals, fined up to £20,000 and / or sent to prison.


You can be assured that, whilst in our care, your dog will receive loving, personal attention and a high quality spa treatment experience. Here is our commitment to you, explained within the guidelines of the basic 5 Animal Welfare Needs: 

Animal Need Description Your Dog Spa Commitment
The need for a suitable environment and a place to live

YDS provides clean and suitable sized holding units to keep your dog safe and secure in between treatments.


The holding units have soft, clean bedding and we control the Spa room temperature to ensure the environment is not too warm or too cold – thus ensuring the comfort of your dog.



The need for a suitable diet – which includes fresh water at all times.

YDS provides fresh drinking water in every room of the Spa at all times. The water is served in clean drinking vessels that are sterilised on a daily basis.


The need to express normal behaviour

YDS provides adequate toilet breaks and space to move around the Spa and to create a relaxed and calm environment, thus alleviating stress, fear or anxiety.


The need to live or be housed with or apart from other animals as required

YDS provides individual holding units, thus ensuring that your dog is housed separately. Should an owner bring in two dogs that need to be kept together, subject to their temperament, this can also be accommodated.


The need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease

YDS ensures that the facility is clean and that relevant health and hygiene procedures are enforced to avoid any type of cross contamination, and that the Spa remains a safe environment.


This includes the sanitation of all grooming equipment and tables, floor cleanliness, the appropriate disposal of any waste products and the regular PAT testing of electrical equipment.


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